Fight Schedules

     The battle stags of Spartans Farm are scheduled to compete in the following big events this onset of the stag season. Its entry names: Pichay Spartans, Spartans RB, Spartacus Invictus and Tata Rey

12 September, AGBB circuit 1st leg 3-stag, San Roque cockpit, San Rafael,                       Bulacan

13 September, San Juan coliseum anniversary 6-stag derby finals

16 September, Roligon cockpit 6-stag festival finals

17 September, Del Monte cockpit 4-stag special event (hosted by Arman Santos)

28 September, Pichay Cup 7-stag derby elims, Roligon cockpit

30 September, Pichay Cup 7-stag derby finals, Roligon cockpit

01 October, Del Monte cockpit 2nd leg 5-stag circuit

02 October, Tagaytay tourist arena 5-stag special derby (hosted by Don Ramon)

03 October, Candelaria (Quezon) 6-stag 110k LDB cockpit Big Event

10 October, Tarlac City 5-stag special event (hosted by Bebot Roxas)