Investment on training and conditioning facilities is a priority option of the farm management. Like its first-of-a-kind breeding areas - from durable mating pens to the state of the art incubation and hatchery machines and the twin-concrete building brooders, including the fully-secured ranges that can accommodate thousands of baby stags - Spartans Farm is engaged in professionally scientific training and conditioning of its war birds through its four sets of handling team. Scratch pens, running pens and running cords, fly pens and the first class spacious 'ruedas' or 'gradas' speak well of the requirements for the extensive quality training from the pre-con stage to the so-called night-before pointing by the farm handlers. But most of all, facilities for the farm personnel and their families-like children's playruedas, a basketball court, billiard and music halls and even school transport for the school kids were also provided by the management as part of the community buildup it has envisioned for the farm. From the words of its owner, fondly called Tata Rey : Not just a farm but a community with passion for nature!