Background / Location

      Spartans Farm, formerly called RB Farms, traces its beginning to a bare rolling hill of agricultural land in one of the sleepy towns of Bulacan province almost at the foot of Sierra Madre mountain, central of north Luzon island, Philippines. Its development started in 2004 few months after its owner, tabloid newspaper executive and columnist Rey Briones scored a surprise championship win in the 2003 second edition of the prestigious World Slasher Cup at the Araneta Coliseum in the bustling Quezon City, Metro Manila. Little did cockers and gamefowl breeders know that the amateur sportsman, fresh from winning the most coveted world cockfighting olympics title, has ventured in mass production of his signature battle cock breeding - the Spartans bloodlines. The unconquered fighting traits and endurance of Spartans war birds, described by the farm trainors as Spartacus Invictus, are themselves legend and strength being developed and nurtured on the more than six-hectare diversified gamefowl farmland complete with concrete pavements, drainages and facilities for fighting cock breeding, training and conditioning called the Spartans Farm.


      Friends and avid fans of Spartans battle birds call him by his endeared sports name .Tata Rey, whose passion for feathered gladiators is certainly influenced by his habit of sorting out for and watching blu-ray discs about human gladiators feeding the lust for blood of the old mob of Rome... his favorite among which is the series of Spartacus CDs. A veteran national tabloid executive, editor in chief and columnist who built his 30-year newspapering career with humility, simplicity and integrity, Tata Rey is gifted with a keen-eye for quality materials, both in breeding and cockfighting.

      In 2003, he personally selected and bought ten middle-aged cocks in Negros in preparation for the 2nd edition of the 2003 World Slashers Cup. ."Suntok sa buwan lang ang aking Islander RB entry, but it turned out to be the best of my lucks, and it opened further my increasing interest in game cocks".. More derby fortunes after which have been added to his Araneta Coliseum bounty . please click winning records . which has finally moved his leisure habit into passion.. To date, Tata Rey no longer travel to Negros island and other breeding areas in the country for battle birds. His passion for such feathered gladiators has motivated and intimated him to a lot of breeding techniques for his own signature breeding, the Spartans bloodline.